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Certified Angus Beef ® (CAB ®) stories appear primarily in the Angus Journal publications, as well as regional and national beef news. Below are some of the brand’s most recognized producer pieces. You are welcome to reprint these articles as long as you print the publication source, author name and use the article in its entirety. Edited versions can be used by permission only. Contact us to ask for approval.

June 2018

Breakthrough - Twenty years of data show CAB grid premiums still doubling every seven years.

May 2018

Angus in Another Life - Wyoming sheep herdsman turns to Angus cattle for profit.

April 2018

Maternal Lineage - With each generation of Iowa women at the head, Hoover Angus cattle get better.

Cornerstone Cattle - Coffey aims to create Angus that lift the beef industry.

March 2018

Setting your direction with sire selection - Improving quality one decision at a time.

February 2018

Legacies for a Living - Wyoming rancher leans on technology to build a better tomorrow.

Worth the squeeze - Frank Ranch's data-driven approach keeps true value on track.

Legacies for a Living - Wyoming rancher leans on technology to build a better tomorrow.

Same roots, different field - Alabama athlete-turned-chef promotes beef in coastal town.

MOOve over for MOOYAH - This young, fast-casual franchise is serious about being the best in the biz.

A profitable, palatable plan - Western Kansas rancher carries on Prime mission for posterity.

Generating demand - Culinary experiences boost brand demand.

January 2018

Teammates - Kentucky Rancher and Chef Trade Places.

Paradox - A green-hand, fourth-generation rancher decides change is okay.

The Opportunity of a Lifetime - Here's proof that nothing beats good, old-fashioned hard work.

From Potential to Profit - Partnering with genetics suppliers, winners produce premiums throughout the beef value chain.

December 2017

More than Marbling - Strong demand lifts CAB® brand to 25% growth in two years

Passing it On - Missouri cattleman is still committed to excellence; leads others there, too.

Inspiring the Inspired - Partners on common ground consider raising their bar.

November 2017

Precision for Modern Cattle - Lessons from crop farming help in cattle backgrounding.

Time to Brand the Barn - Apply to be one of 40 producers to have the CAB logo painted on your barn.

Black Hills, Black Cattle and Black Ink - Commercial insights: South Dakota ranchers say profit points to Angus.

A Reason to Stay - Wyoming women raise Angus cattle in rough country.

Finding Profit - Analysts make predictions at Feeding Quality Forums In Omaha and Garden City

Ag Prospects Looking Up - Expect slow but sure improvement in rural economy.