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Aug. 28 - 29, 2018 - Sioux City, Iowa

The 11th annual Feeding Quality Forum offered new insight on a variety of topics, from a detailed market outlook to consumer perceptions of the beef industry. Feedyard managers also shared their ideas on employee management. Producing quality beef and feed sample testing was also discussed. Presentations from these keynote speakers are available, along with a summary of the event.

Sponsor and Industry Achievement Awards Banquet PPT

Speaker Bio Sheet
Dan Basse

Politics, Trade and US Beef Outlook for 2018/19
Dan Basse, President, AgResource Company

Brian Vander ley

Vaccine Timing for Feedyards: On Arrival or Delayed
Brian Vander Ley, DVM, Ph.D. 

Leon Sam Barringer

No Presentation Available
Leon "Sam" Barringer, DVM

Dale Blasi

Limit Feeding a Single Step-up Diet as an Option to Optimize Operational Labor and Cattle Efficiency
Dale Blasi, Ph.D. Kansas State University

Nigel Gopie

No presentation available
Nigel Gopie, Ph.D. IBM Food Trusttm

Paul Walz

Influence of Weaning Vaccine Selection on Pre-Breeding Vaccine Options
Paul Walz, Ph.D. Auburn University, College of Veterinary Medicine

Jeff Heldt

Vitamin & Mineral Formulations: Current & Future Considerations
Jeff Heldt, Ph.D. PAS Beef Technical Services Manager, Micronutrients USA LLC

Paul Dykstra

Grid Marketing: A Cow/Calf Perspective
Paul Dykstra, Beef Cattle Specialist, Certified Angus Beef LLC

Dan Moser

Genetic Selection for Ranch Envrionment While Meeting Market Demand
Dan Moser, Ph.D. President, Angus Genetics, Inc. St. Joseph, MO

Rick Funston

Heifer Development Systems
Rick Funston, Reproductive Physiologist