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Pulmonary Hypertension (PH) in Beef Cattle: Complicated Threat to Health and Productivity in Multiple Beef Industry Segments
Author: M.G. Thomas, J.M. Neary, G. M. Krafsur, T. N. Holt, R. M. Enns, S. E. Speidel, F. B. Garry, A. Canov

Field-Testing $Beef in Purebred Angus Cattle
Author: Mark Gardiner, Gardiner Angus Ranch; Kenny Stauffer, Top Dollar Angus, Inc.; Sam Hands, Triangle H G

Factors Increasing Quality Grades in U.S. Fed Cattle
CAB Link, Angus Beef Bulletin
Author: Paul Dykstra, Beef Cattle Specialist, Certified Angus Beef LLC

BEEF YIELD GRADING: History, Issues, and Opportunities
Beef yield grade opportunities detailed
Author: Ty E. Lawrence, Ph.D., Professor of Animal Science, West Texas A&M University, Canyon

The scientific basis of the Certified Angus Beef ® brand carcass specifications
Documented beef quality
Author: Phil Bass, Ph.D., Meat Scientist, Certified Angus Beef LLC

Recent Trends: Beef Quality, Value and Price
Author: Daryl Tatum, Colorado State University

Determination of the effect of branding on consumer palatability ratings of beef strip loin and ground beef
Author: Dr. Travis O'Quinn, Kansas State University

Cross-category indulgence: Why do some premium brands grow during recession?
Premium beef a crossover success
Author: Tanya Mark, Assistant Professor, University of Guelph

Sensory evaluation of tender beef strip loin steaks of varying marbling levels and quality treatments
Given tenderness, marbling is key
Author: C.H. Corbin, T.G. O'Quinn, A.J. Garmyn, M.R. Hunt, R.J. Rathmann, J.C. Brooks, M.F. Miller, Dept. of Animal and Food Sciences, Texas Tech University and J.F. Legako, Dept. of Nutrition, Dietetics & Food Sciences, Utah State University and T.T.N. Dinh, Dept. of Animal and Dairy Sciences, Mississippi State University

Genetic Basis for Heat Tolerance in Cattle
Author: Dr. Megan Rolf, Oklahoma State University

Best Practices for Managing Heat Stress in Feedyard Cattle
In the cool of spring, plan for the heat of summer
Author: Dr. Terry L. Mader, Mader Consulting LLC

Changes in the Ground Beef Market and What it Means for Cattle Producers
The Ground Beef Market and Price Signals
Author: Mark McCully and Nevil C. Speer, PhD, MBA, Western Kentucky University and Tom Brink, Top Dollar Angus, Inc.

Retail and Foodservice Marketing Trends for Beef
We still want beef
Author: Bailey Harsh, Oklahoma State University and Deb VanOverbeke, Oklahoma State University

Should Beef Quality Grade be a Priority?
Demand study: Quality builds future for beef
Author: Dr. Scott Brown, University of Missouri and Jillian Steiner, Univeristy of Missouri

Effects of the 60-d Window Around the Time of Weaning on Subsequent Quality Grade and Eating Quality of Beef
Marbling matters as weaning time approaches
Author: Jason K. Ahola, Colorado State University

External influences on North American beef production: How will the cattle feeding industry adapt?
Supporting files: News Release
Author: Pete Anderson, Ph.D., Director of Research, Midwest PMS, LLC

Selection for Marbling and the Impact on Maternal Traits
Author: Jason Smith, Ph.D. Candidate, Virginia Tech and Scott Greiner, Extension Animal Scientist, Virginia Tech

The relationship between subcutaneous fat and marbling
Supporting files: News Release
Author: Robert Maddock, Associate Professor and Extension Meats Specialist, Animal Sciences, North Dakota State University

Breeding Programs from a Cattle Feeder’s Perspective
Supporting files: News Release
Author: Tom Brink, J&F Oklahoma Holdings

Consumers, Business and Breeding Systems: Charting the Beef Industry's Path
Supporting files: News Release
Author: Nevil C. Speer, PhD, MBA, Western Kentucky University

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Black Ink Basics tech sheets

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