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Top five facts

Understanding the Certified Angus Beef ® brand

The top five facts cattle producers need to know about the brand

1. CAB® only owns the brand.
The company doesn’t buy, sell, own or market cattle. It does not own, manage or sell beef product. It simply owns the trademarked CAB® logo, which it uses to leverage marketing opportunities and increase profitability for the licensed packers, distributors, restaurants and grocery stores that identify themselves with the brand and sell product that meets its strict quality standards.
2. “Angus” is not the same as the Certified Angus Beef ® brand.
Unless you see the distinctive CAB® logo, it’s not our product. Many quickserve restaurants may tout an “Angus” product, but it likely does not meet the high quality standards of the CAB® brand.
3. Cattle are certified by USDA graders at the packing plant
No live animals are certified. Cattle that meet the initial live animal specification are then evaluated for the brand’s 10 carcass specification by United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) graders.
4. The CAB® brand is a mainstream premium market
By definition CAB® is a niche market, but the size and scope of the brand indicates more. In 2011, 807 million pounds of CAB product was sold worldwide. Roughly 65,000 cattle must meet brand specifications every week to meet the tremendous demand for CAB® product. Ranches across the country have proven that despite differences in climate, environment, herd size or ranch history, the right genetics and management can lead to success in growing the kind of cattle that meet this demand.
5. CAB LLC is a non-profit subsidiary of the American Angus Association
The only funding received by CAB LLC is from licensed packers and processors which pay approximately 2 cents per pound sold. The dollars generated are then invested in brand-building efforts that are overseen by the Angus breeders who govern the CAB® Board of Directors.

1- 2012 “Here’s the Premium” database. Includes more than 10,000 head from nearly 600 lots; 13,794 lots and approximately 300,000 cattle from 13 states since 1999.

2- 2010 Professional Cattle Consultants: “Factors Driving Cattle Feeding Profitability” profiled data on 443,129 steers harvested 2004-09 from Iowa to Texas.

3- 2014 January CAB packer survey indicates 5-year grid premiums paid average of approximately $35 million, and cumulative above $450 million since 1998.