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Certified Angus Beef ® (CAB ®) stories appear primarily in the Angus Journal publications, as well as regional and national beef news. Below are some of the brand’s most recognized producer pieces. You are welcome to reprint these articles as long as you print the publication source, author name and use the article in its entirety. Edited versions can be used by permission only. Contact us to ask for approval.

August 2017

Up and to the right - Elasticity may be elusive, but CAB demand soars by any measure.

Predominantly Solid Black - Association owns adjusted USDA live-animal spec for Angus beef programs.

Good Interruptions - Sous chef steps up to lead charge in Nashville.

Terms of His Own - California chef rises through the ranks, ends up a TV personality.

The Angus Route - Arkansas mailman delivers better Angus cattle each year

July 2017

Time for Prime Part III - Part 3: 'This is not hypothetical.'

June 2017

Beaches and Beef - Like family, top Hawaiian retailer and CAB rely on each other.

Time for Prime Part II - Part 2: Demand to bank on.

May 2017

Green Garden of Memories - Friends salute 2017 Kansas Stockman of the Year Richard Janssen and family.

The Right Sort - Massar Ranch rides herd on uniformity to court repeat buyers and build an Angus reputation

Time for Prime Part I - Part 1: Prime is both profitable and possible.

No Nonsense in the Rockies - Colorado cattleman and family focus on females.

April 2017

Beef Exports Gaining Momentum - With nearly $300 per head in carcass value on the line, trade specialists share insights on the current trade issues.

25 Years of NBQA - Audit information shows patterns of consistency, areas to improve.

Training for a Taste Test - Beef flavor includes 38 attributes.

Big Leagues, Extra Innings - Colorado Angus rancher learns to win in a new ballgame.

March 2017

The Road Less Traveled - When Tom met Sally, they found their own way to top Angus quality.

The Road Less Traveled - Connecting quality cattle from the Montana mountains to Nebraska feeding plains.

A Simple Gift - Quality beef as part of a divine plan.

Sticking With It - Successive generations continue quality focus at Penrhos Farms.

February 2017

A Banker, a Buyer and Long-distance Neighbors - Connecting quality cattle from the Montana mountains to Nebraska feeding plains

Beef Blitz Scores a Hit for Relationships - Angus producers get a firsthand glimpse of how their brand is distributed and the story that accompanies the product.

All the Pennies That Make a Dollar - Idaho producers stack premiums to make cattle any market will value.

Jerry and Mike to the Rescue - CAB Impact Award recalls 1978-1979 fight to reinstate the brand.

Footsteps Worth Following - Fathers, sons hold fast to similar careers.