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If you would like more information about the Certified Angus Beef ® (CAB) Program, want to obtain photographs or graphics, or would like to automatically receive news releases concerning the CAB Program, contact Steve Suther, industry information director.

October 2017

Expectations guide cattle feeding - The performance of healthy cattle on feed is "extremely predictable," but you have to know what to expect and when to worry.

Inspiring the inspired - Partners on common ground consider raising their bar

More than marbling - Strong demand lifts Certified Angus Beef ® brand to 25% growth in two years

Know before they go - Want to produce cattle for China? Communication, information key.

September 2017

Room to improve - After years of trying to improve beef cattle, have we made enough progress yet?

Differences under the hide - No matter how good the ration, skills and environment, it's impossible to manage out bad genetics in the feedyard. To get cattle that consistently perform there and bring added premiums when sold on a grid, it's best to select feeder calves with known genetic potential.

Price discovery in the premium era - Cattle just aren't traded the same today as they were decades ago. Chances are, the beef business isn't going to reverse its ways, said Iowa cattleman Ed Greiman, during the Feeding Quality Forum in August.

Ag prospects looking up - Slow but sure improvement in rural economy

Finding profit - Opportunity. It's there, but you may have to look a little harder for it.

August 2017

Precision for modern cattle - Backgrounding today's cattle on yesterday's "prescription" can mean missed profit opportunities.

Borck honored for beef industry success - Lee Borck, Manhattan, Kan., has known hard times and boom, seen the impact on others as well as his own enterprises. That

Big picture focus guides farm, CAB - Don Schiefelbein's role on his family's registered Angus farm near Kimball, Minn., is all about managerial and financial oversight.

July 2017

Money that matters - CAB premiums grow, motivate higher quality beef production

Feeding Quality Forums set for late August - The cattle feeding industry keeps moving forward, so it's a good thing feeders have ready access to educational opportunities.

June 2017

Don’t blame the calves - Yearling cattle don’t necessarily trump calf feds in the feedyard or packinghouse

Prime: profitable and possible - Some think a dramatic increase in Prime grading beef spells oversupply. When will packers have enough?

Angus Value Discovery - While cattle genetics keep improving, no national carcass challenge has tracked that since 2012—until now. The Angus Value Discovery Contest began this spring as a means of carcass data collection and friendly competition for commercial Angus producers, nominated by their seedstock or genetics providers.

May 2017

Better beef leads value gain - Quality, branding add nearly $50 million per year to beef economy

That much better? - Predicted beef dollars really add up

April 2017

Up, and to the right - Elasticity may be elusive, but CAB demand soars by any measure

Colvin Fund: $40,000 for 7 young leaders - Seven college students in beef and related studies have been awarded $40,000 in scholarships from the Certified Angus Beef ® (CAB®) brand.

The lobster tail of meats - Consumers have options, so put the best beef forward The lobster tail of meats

Beef prices near sustainable levels - Depending on which side of the gate you're on, it was heartening or worrisome to see cattle and beef prices recover coming into spring.

March 2017

Quality beef grade, dressing percentage and grids - Quality and yield grades drive dollars

February 2017

Future CAB honorees wanted - Looking for producers who have a proven track record, who see the market rewards for supplying the CAB brand and have their sights set on creating even more.