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April 2018

Around the round - Highly versatile, the beef round rises above the grinder.

March 2018

Better test than guess on minerals for cow herd - Utah veterinary toxicologist reports finding deficiencies in herds across the country

Angus producers share with culinary students - Yon siblings discuss beef production and CAB

More CAB stimulates more demand - The long-term growth in premium beef production, market share and demand is starting to redefine overall beef demand and how it is measured.

CAB grids pay $75 million per year - 20 years of data show CAB premiums still doubling every seven years.

The beef business: surviving and thriving - Cattle industry professionals share tips and insight

January 2018

Targeted strategies incentivized - Incentives for for strategic use of Targeting the Brand logo

December 2017

CAB opts for USDA grading modernization - As of Monday, Dec. 18, all graded beef in the U.S. can be evaluated for the most youthful "A" maturity category based on dentition as well as traditional skeletal metrics when assigning quality grades

CAB offers $40,000 in Colvin Scholarships - Apply now to win one of seven collegiate scholarships from the Colvin Fund

From potential to profit - Angus Value Discovery Contest winners named

November 2017

Excellence keeps tables full - Empty seats are greatest cost to a steakhouse

First class feeder cattle marketing - That concept and its evolution was presented at Angus University during the Angus Convention, Nov. 4-6 in Fort Worth, Texas.

Mother Nature, mother cows and marbling - No farmer or rancher is immune from the challenges of nature, but some cow herds are better at adapting than others.

On $1.20 cattle and $25 tenderloins - Cattle prices go up, beef prices go up; cattle prices go down, beef prices… stay where they are? What gives?

Brand the barn - CAB seeks paint worthy nominees for 40th anniversary

October 2017

Expectations guide cattle feeding - The performance of healthy cattle on feed is "extremely predictable," but you have to know what to expect and when to worry.

Inspiring the inspired - Partners on common ground consider raising their bar

More than marbling - Strong demand lifts Certified Angus Beef ® brand to 25% growth in two years

Know before they go - Want to produce cattle for China? Communication, information key.

September 2017

Room to improve - After years of trying to improve beef cattle, have we made enough progress yet?

Completed circle - Stucky Ranch honored as 2017 CAB Ambassador for ideal outreach

Moore than Money - Arkansas Angus family 2017 CAB Commercial Commitment to Excellence honoree

The right choice - Longtime manager helps Kansas company earn CAB Feedyard Commitment to Excellence Award

Basin Angus Ranch wins CAB Commitment to Excellence Award - Commitment to Excellence award winners strive to produce genetics that work for every segment

South Dakota rancher earns CAB honors - Hadrick wins 2017 Progressive Partner of the Year