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Top 10 marketing ideas for Angus seedstock breeders:

Spotlight the CAB advantage Angus breeders can tout.

For a quality-focused Angus seedstock business, it only makes sense to link to the world-class branded beef program that you own. Doing so with a plan can help build relationships and make everybody in the chain more money.

Pointing out benefits of the brand helps everybody. Here are some of the top marketing tools seedstock producers can use:

1. The Best Practices Manual

The Best Practices Manual is an owner’s guide for Angus genetics. From health to marketing, it covers the entire system pointing out ways to aim for quality all the way along. Your customers have already invested in the seedstock - put this piece in their hands so they have all the management tips to help them succeed.  Request your copy here.

2. Certified Angus Beef ® product and promotional items

Targeting the Brand LogoBecome a licensee for a day and treat sale guests to the premium beef brand. If Certified Angus Beef ® (CAB®) brand product is the only beef served, we’ll send you all the material you need to make it a class-act event for free, including napkins, brochures, aprons and more. Simply submit an application form at least three weeks prior to the event or call 800-225-2333 for more information.

3. Supplying the Brand

Supplying the Brand CoverAn attractive, full-color report explains how Certified Angus Beef LLC works from seedstock to feedlots and packers, dialing down into all the factors that affect supply development. Hand it out at your next bull sale or use as a key element in customer mailings to builds understanding of the brand and highlight the benefits of producing Angus cattle.

4. CAB Targeting the Brand logo 

This logo was created especially for producer use. The Targeting the Brand logo calls attention to any program that aims at the Certified Angus Beef ® brand target or helps producers do so. Use it at events, sales, sale catalogs and even routine communications to show your commitment. The mark can be used in advertisements, company letterhead and farm or ranch signs.

Download it now, or

5. Sale catalog inserts

Show your customers they get more than just cattle when they buy from you. Highlight the benefits of the Angus breed through research-related, print-ready inserts or underscore your commitment to aligning goals with the brand, using a CAB-focused ad.

Download the
ads here
Best Practices Manual - Quarter Page   B&W
Best Practices Manual - Half Page   B&W
Best Practices Manual - Full Page Color B&W
CAB advertisement inserts Color B&W
Black Ink Basics $B (summary) Color B&W
Black Ink Basics %Angus (summary) Color B&W
Black Ink Basics Tech Sheets (detailed) Color  
6. CAB brand apparel and gift items 
Glove with LogoFrom hats and steak knives to shirts and travel mugs, it’s easy to show your brand loyalty. It’s also simple to pass that on. Just visit the CAB Store to order promotional items for gifts and giveaways, or even for yourself.
7. CAB-oriented feedlots
CAB Partner LogoSometimes the best way to serve your customers is to take a walk in their shoes. Perhaps feeding the bottom end of your calves is a way to do that – you could even work with those customers to make a semi-load. CAB-oriented feedlots have a history of aiming for quality, which makes them a good place to start exploring this option.

Market to feedlots:
Seek rewards for feedlot and end-product performance through direct marketing, by selling or partnering with a feedlot.
8.“Black Ink Basics” Technical Bulletins
Black inkCattlemen are trained to think in terms of data. Share information with your customers that will have value in their operations. The Black Ink Basics Tech Bulletins take research and break it into easy-to-read nuggets that all relate to the black ink on a successful producer’s bottom line. Topics range from health and Angus genetics to matching feedlot performance with quality goals.
9. CAB stories as a customer reference.
The CAB Industry Information team covers quality beef production news and features the farmers and ranchers who provide good examples of how to put it all together. Visit the newsroom, then forward or print any selected news releases, feature stories or columns for your customers, or link to them on your website.
10. Educational events with CAB
The more you know about the brand, the better you’ll be at helping your customers reach that target. To attend a CAB event and learn more, email us today.